04 December 19 from www.theguardian.com

The Guardian business pages has picked up the story of the agreement between the Co-operative Bank and the Customer Union.

Speaking to the Guardian, Ryan Brightwell, a Customer Union director, spoke about the beginnings of the Save Our Bank Campaign “Initially there was a lot of concern. We were alarmed that the hedge fund owners were coming in”

26 November 19


The Co-operative Bank signs recognition agreement with union of customers

21 September 19

In a courageous move the Co-operative Bank offered support for the global Climate Strike.

13 September 19

Amnesty logoThe Co-op Bank has entered into a new partnership with Amnesty International UK to train human rights activists.

16 June 19

Following the introduction of new rules in the 2016 Immigration Act requiring banks to check the immigration status of account holders, a customer of the Co-operative Bank raised the issue with the Customer Union for Ethical Banking to help seek the bank’s view on being effectively asked to ‘police’ immigration. 

14 May 19 from bcr-ltd.com, www.theguardian.com, uk.finance.yahoo.com

The Co-op Bank is one of three banks (along with Nationwide and Investec) to win grant funding as part of the 'state aid remedy' for the government bail-out of RBS.

The grant of £15m will be used to reinforce the Co-op's proposition for SMEs - including improved digital service.

27 September 18

The Co-op Bank provided the following response to the four questions we put to the bank after reviewing its 2017 Values and Ethics Report. The bank has a good record of engaging with the Save Our Bank campaign as a representative of ethically motivated customers, and we appreciate them taking the time to respond. 

17 September 18

Andrew BesterThe Co-op Bank has named Andrew Besteras its new Chief Executive.

28 June 18

Values and Ethics reportAt the end of May, the Co-op Bank published its Values and Ethics Report for 2017.

25 May 18 from www.co-operativebank.co.uk

The Co-op Bank has this week published the Values and Ethics Report for 2017. You can read it in full here. We'll be reading it closely and will report to you in the June 2018 newsletter.