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You can now join the Customer Union for Ethical Banking here on line. It costs £12 a year.

You can pay with direct debit (preferred), or with a credit card or PayPal.

Just click on the button and complete the form.

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Why join the Customer Union?

We think the Customer Union for Ethical Banking is the first customer union anywhere. When the Co-op Bank was taken over by private investors, leaving just 20% in the hands of the Co-operative Group, the Save Our Bank campaign showed how organised customers can have real influence over how the bank conducts itself. We influenced the revision of the ethical policy - helping to make sure that the bravest commitments were not dropped. And we have worked to improve how the bank deals with 'risk management' as it comes under the close scrutiny of the regulators. Bank risk reduction is a real threat to campaigning organisations across the world.

Now with the new Customer Union we can keep a constant eye on the bank. Just a small annual subscription from members will help us continue to represent the many thousands of customers who want the Co-op Bank to remain an ethical leader.

What is the Customer Union?

The Customer Union for Ethical Banking (CUEB) is a registered Co-operative Society with some 1500 members. We held our first meeting in November 2016 in Manchester. But we are mainly an on-line organisation and we will be working to find ways to run the cooperative this way.

CUEB has two aims: to make sure the Co-op Bank sticks to its ethical principles, and to help an eventual return to co-operative ownership.

How will the Customer Union achieve these aims?

We have already shown how the 10,000 customers who support the Save Our Bank campaign can have real infliuence. In some ways we have more influence than the members of the Co-operative Group had when it still owned 100% of the bank. We aim to build that influence by growing the union.

Soon we will launch a new initiative to buy a more significant stake in the bank - a new co-operative shareholding. We'll start small. But even a small share will help us make sure that the concerns of thousands of loyal customers are taken into account.

In the end CUEB is a cooperative, owned and controlled by its members. If that loyalty is called into question then we have more strength if we act together.