27 February 14

Do you know anyone with shares in The Co-op Bank?

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08 February 14

Following the example email response from the bank to supporters who used the web feedback form, one of our supporters sent us the written response received after they sent a letter to the bank.

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06 February 14

The bank responds to your emails 

Thanks to all of you who wrote to The Co-op Bank after our last mail-out on the 15th January and sent messages of support over social networks. One of our supporters sent in the following response they received from the bank:


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16 January 14

Keep the bank’s Ethical Policy strong

Over the next few weeks The Co-operative Bank will be deciding how it plans to proceed with its Ethical Policy.

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22 December 13 from www.co-operative.coop

On 20 December the Co-operative Group and Co-operative Bank announced that the 'liability management exercise' - the first part of the re-capitilisation plan - was complete. New shares have been issued to bondholders resulting in £1bn increase in equity (replacing debt).

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12 December 13

This week the Save Our Bank campaign put our supporters' demands to the Co-op Group Chief Executive. We're keeping the pressure on to ensure the Bank's ethics stay strong, and are shown to stay strong. Here's our latest update on where we stand.

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06 December 13 from saveourbank.coop

This latest newsletter includes results from the survey asking what Save Our Bank supporters think about the campaign priorities.

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30 November 13 from www.co-operative.coop

Late Friday 29th the Co-operative Group announced that a large majority of retail

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28 November 13

The Guardian reports this morning (28 November) that the Nationwide £500m share issue has been oversubscribed - raising the full £500m in just four days. This raises hopes that a mutual buy-back of Co-op Bank is feasible.

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28 November 13 from www.theguardian.com

Andrew Bibby writes in Guardian Social Enterprise section.


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