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Cartoon by Martin Rowson
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When most of the shares in The Co-operative Bank were sold off to private shareholders in 2013, a group of bank customers, supported by Ethical Consumer magazine, formed the Save Our Bank Campaign. We wanted to make sure the bank kept its world-leading ethical policy and ultimately return to majority co-operative control. Within a few months, over 10,000 bank customers had signed up to the campaign.

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They can't ignore us, the customers

Through crowd power, we successfully persuaded the bank to maintain its existing ethical commitments, and a enhanced policy was launched by the bank in 2015. But the co-operative stake in the bank remains at just 20% and we need to keep up the pressure.

That’s why we have created a new union for co-operative bank customers. The Customer Union for Ethical Banking is a co-operative, democratic member organisation that can hold the bank to account, campaign for a larger co-operative voice and buy shares in the bank to help build up the co-operative stake. We think this is the first time a customer union like this has been formed anywhere.

The union - like the campaign - will have two main aims: to make sure the bank sticks to its customer-led ethical policy, and ultimately to help the bank return to co-operative ownership. We can do this by organising as customers, by working with like-minded investors and by building a new, independent co-operative shareholding.

You can join the Customer Union for Ethical Banking here on line.
We ask for a small contribution of £12 per year.
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The Save Our Bank campaign is backed by Ethical Consumer magazine, working with ordinary customers of the bank, some of the Bank's charity customers and Co-operative Group members. Ethical Consumer