The Save Our Bank declaration on The Co-operative Bank's Ethical Policy

Over the last two decades many charities and campaigning groups have moved their accounts to The Co-operative Bank and urged others to do so. A major reason for this was the Bank's Ethical Policy - which sets out clearly and uniquely how monies will and will not be invested. As customers, we call those involved in setting out the Bank's future to do their utmost to set in stone the continuance of The Co-operative Bank Ethical Policy and the underlying commitments to customer consultation, well resourced implementation, third party  independent audit and warts and all reporting. The establishment of these commitments in the Articles of Association of a new entity would provide serious reassurance that The Co-operative Bank can continue to be a world leader in ethical investment.

This declaration is supported by the following charities and campaigning organisations:

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The Save Our Bank campaign believes that the Co-operative Bank should return to mutual ownership. This is important for many of the campaign's supporters and we will be campaigning around a declaration on this subject as well.