A special conference, "Co-op Bank Crisis: Ways Forward for the Co-operative Movement", will be held on Friday 17th January in Manchester. This will provide an opportunity to bring together the co-operative movement and those interested in its future, to debate and consider ways forward in the light of recent problems at The Co-operative Bank. 

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I have heard that prior to the financial problem that precipitated the 'rescue', the Bank commissioned ATOS to fulful their occupational health function.

My informant stated that the  organisation was hence deciding who was incapable of r work at the Bank, and would also decide whether they were capable of any work. The two roles are not entirely incompatible, but the latter was being very badly done and one owuld have expected the Bank to look after its own staff in terms of their practice re: individualised return to work etc.

Is this true?  If so, does this not make the Bank look like a lost cause?

Mass switching to Nationwide for instance would not do the employees any favours as more jobs would belost than the state of the Bank's finances and the attitudes of the new employers will entail.

I don't know what the answer is but if mass switching is the least worst option I think the  campagning group should get on with evaluating other providers (are they unionised?)  by trying to protect the Bank's staff by e.g.  negotiating their ability to transfer across in proportion to the new provider's additional work-load, or by other means.

Prospective providers might be alert to the risk of being 'used' pending the review of the Bank's ethical comitment.  I'm sorry I have not got time to read the details but it seems to me that if the arrangements can be changed at all they can be changed again

It all hinges on the likelihood of improving or even sustaining the Bank's  ethical commitment given the present situation re the balance of ownership and current stance.  For how long can the campaign ride two horses?



Barclay's customer ever since they were the only unionised bank, ashamed but now relieved about not having switched to the Co-op & anxious to know which provider the campaign will plump for if they do