Would you join a union of Co-op Bank customers?

Save Our Bank wants to create a new, democratically organised group of customers to work together with investors and employee unions to hold the Co-op Bank to account on its ethical promises, and work to increase the co-operative stake in the business.

We’re calling the idea a “customers’ union”. You can read more about the idea here.

Would you be interested in joining a union of Co-op Bank customers?
What do you think would be a reasonable amount to pay each year to support the running costs of such a union?
Would you be willing to be filmed talking about why you are with the Co-op bank and why you support the idea of a customers’ union, to help us put together a crowdfunding proposal? This could be in person or over Skype.
Would you be willing to donate money to help establish a democratically-controlled customers’ union? This could be on your own behalf or as an institutional supporter like a charity or company.
How much would you be prepared to donate?
Please let us have an e-mail address where we can contact you. We won't share it with anyone.

The following questions will help us to find out more about our supporters. We will not share individual responses with anyone.

Please tick any which apply
Please tick any which apply
Please tick any of the products that you have from the Co-operative Bank or Smile.
Do you have any comments about our plans to form a union?