Tell us your view on what the Customer Union should prioritise in 2017

1. At our Gathering in November, we decided on a resolution covering three points. Please indicate which is most important to you.

2. Below is a list of seven activities and campaigns that the Customer Union is considering for 2017. Please help us determine what to focus on by indicating which are the most important.

Very importantImportantLess importantNot important
Plan a second Gathering of the Customer Union for 2017 so members and supporters can meet and discuss plans
Campaign for the bank to raise the capital it needs from customers, not from private investors
Build a share fund for members and others so that the Customer Union can build a co-operatively owned shareholding in the Co-op Bank, in the name of its members
Continue campaigning for the bank to stop short-notice closure of accounts for community and human rights groups (e.g. Palestine solidarity groups)
Fund a research report to explore the best options for moving the bank back to the co-operative sector, and launch a campaign for the bank to follow its recommendations
Work towards growing the membership of the Customer Union, e.g. through coordinating days of action outside bank branches, social media campaigns etc
Work towards creating alternatives to The Co-operative Bank, e.g. through peer-to-peer lending or a new co-operative bank

3. Are the other issues you would like the Customer Union to consider making a priority in 2017? 

4. Are you a member or supporter of the Customer Union for Ethical Banking? (If you supported the Save Our Bank crowdfunding campaign, you are automatically a member of the Customer Union.)