Welcome to this newsletter from the Customer Union for Ethical Banking, the independent union for customers of The Co-operative Bank

In this newsletter, a final push for our crowdfunder which has raised 93% of our £18,000 target and has just seven days to go!

Seven days and £1,250 to go

We’re really humbled by the support we’ve had for the crowdfunder so far, which represents a great affirmation for the work we’re doing here. With just a few days to go we only need to raise another £1,250 to get over the line.

The reason we’re doing this crowdfunder is to support our vision for growing customer influence and ownership at The Co-op Bank and beyond. (Read more about it on our fundrazr page, or watch our video.)

Here’s the link to support the crowdfunder:

Or, if you prefer you can contribute directly on our site here: https://saveourbank.coop/donate



So far, over 300 of you have given an incredible average of £55 each (although that number is skewed by two especially generous donations in the thousands.). Thanks so much if you’ve already supported.

But smaller contributions are also really helpful. In fact, if everyone else who reads this email donated just 50p, we would make our target comfortably.

So, if you can, please do support us with what you can afford, before midnight on May 31st. And in return, we’ll do our very best to put all three aspects of our plan in place: moving from customers of the Co-op Bank to owners; building our membership; and working to improve participation and ethics at other banks too.

Here are some of the lovely comments our supporters have left on our fundrazr page:

  • “Let's help the Customer Union grow!”
  • “I support the ethical policy, BUT ALSO : Lobby for Better Coop Bank Customer Service.”
  • “I hope this helps build on what the campaign has already achieved!”
  • “Keep up the good work. Much appreciated.”
  • “We're proud of what the campaign has achieved and wish it continuing success.”
  • “Thank you for your vital work to help make the banking sector work better for people and planet.”
  • “Thank you, organisers, for your idealism, courage & tenacity!”
  • “I have banked continuously with the Co-operative Bank for 50 years”
  • “Thank you so much for doing this brilliant and much-needed work!”
  • “Here's hoping for a successful crowdfunder campaign.”

If you'd prefer to donate without using the fundraising platform, you can just go to our website and use the donate button in the navigation.

If you’d like to support in another way, you can also share our recent posts on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to spread the word. And regardless of whether you are able to donate at the moment, thank you for following and supporting our work.  We’ll be back next month with one of our more traditional newsletters.

With best wishes,

The Save Our Bank team


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