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Please help us grow the Customer Union

One of our main priorities for the year is growing our customer union, and so over the summer we’ll be doing our best to tell as many people as possible about ourselves, and inviting people to join us. We particularly want to reach members of other co-operatives, and to help us decide where to focus our efforts we’d like to ask you to tell us a bit about whether you are a member of any other co-operatives, and whether there are email newsletters or social media feeds from other co-ops you pay particular attention to. Perhaps you know someone who edits a newsletter and might be able to include a mention of Save Our Bank? Let us know!

Please fill in our survey here.

Save Our Bank and your privacy

New legislation on data protection and privacy is coming into effect today, and so if you’re anything like us, you’ll have been getting a ton of emails from groups you support or follow, asking you to confirm whether you want to keep hearing from them.

As a supporter of the Save Our Bank campaign we assume you want to be kept updated with our work to hold the bank to account on its ethics and learn about how you can join in, because that’s what we’re here for. You can unsubscribe from our emails at any time, using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page (although we’d hate to lose you).

We’ll never sell or pass on your details to anyone else, and we only use your data to send you our email newsletter and to manage your membership of the Customer Union, if you are a member.

You can read our privacy policy on the website here.

Bank publishes its Values and Ethics Report for 2017

The Co-op Bank has this week published the Values and Ethics Report for 2017. You can read it in full here. We'll be reading it closely and will report to you in the next newsletter.

Changes in the Ethics Team

We learned recently that Paul Lawler, the head of Values and Ethics at the Co-operative Bank, has moved on to a new role at Virgin Money. This is a shame as he had only been in the job for seven months (having been in a different Co-op Bank role, as head of media relations, for the previous two years). We hope to see more stability in this team in future, given its crucial role in upholding and developing the bank’s Ethical Policy.

Paul spoke to our Gathering in Manchester last November, where he spoke passionately about the bank’s achievements and challenges and plans for campaign work focusing on homelessness. We wish him all the best in his new role, and look forward to meeting his replacement.

Thanks for your support, and please do fill in our surveyto help our plans to grow the membership.

With best wishes,

The Save Our Bank team (Ryan, Shaun and Rob)