Dear Supporter
Thanks for your support for the Save Our Bank campaign. This email is to bring you up to date and to suggest ways you can help further if you are able. We'd also like your advice.

What we're doing

We have got off to a great start. People are signing up faster than we thought they would at this stage of the campaign. There is clearly lots of support or our aims - for the Co-operative Bank to keep its ethical policies and for the bank to return to being mutual.
Our key message - 'don't switch yet because we're stronger if we stick together', has had a positive reception in social media and has caught the attention of conventional media. We expect there to be further media coverage in the next few days.
The Co-op is in the middle of its negotiations with the hedge funds. We are confident that the fact that we are organised is having an impact on those negotiations. That is why we are focused now on getting more people to join us.

What you can do

You can help by asking friends, colleagues and family to sign up to the campaign. There is a potted explanation of what has gone wrong and why we are campaigning that you can use. It is available on the website here. Or you can forward this email.
If you are a social media user, please spread the message in posts and tweets. If you haven't already, please follow @saveourbank, 'like' our Facebook page and share with your friends and followers.
One enterprising supporter (thanks) has even produced some flyers to be distributed in bank branches. You can find these - 6-up on A4 to save ink and paper - here.

What next?

As well as working hard to gain supporters now, we need to work out where to focus attention next. We are asking everyone who has signed up to the campaign to tell us what they think. Our short on-line questionnaire only takes a minute to complete. You can access the questionnaire here:
There's a box for you to make further suggestions, which we'd love to hear.
Thanks again
The Save Our Bank team