Listed below are the organisations we have heard about that:

  1. Have applied for and been refused banking facilities by the Co-op Bank
  2. Currently bank with the Co-op Bank but have been asked to leave
  3. Did bank with the Co-op Bank but have been forced to leave

If you know of any other legitimate campaigning, aid or support organisations that this has happened to, please let us know at

We are also keen to know about any organisations that have not been asked to move - we won't publish this, it helps us understand what's going on.

National Campaigns

  • Cuba Solidarity Campaign
  • Palestine Solidarity Campaign
  • Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign
  • Friends of Al-Aqsa

Other support campaigns

  • Spring Valley Baptist Church Kenya support group

Palestine support groups and PSC branches

  • Abergavenny PSC branch
  • Abu Bakr Rauf Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Boycott Israel Network
  • Bristol PSC branch
  • Cambridge PSC branch
  • Computers for Palestine
  • Discover Palestine
  • International Women’s Peace Service Palestine
  • Liverpool Friends of Bil’in
  • Norwich PSC branch
  • Northern Palestine Solidarity Network
  • Nottingham PSC branch
  • Oxford PSC branch
  • Plymouth PSC branch
  • Saddleworth Palestine Women’s Scholarship Fund
  • Sheffield PSC branch
  • Sheffield Palestine Women’s Scholarship Fund
  • West Midlands PSC branch
  • York PSC branch
  • Yorkshire Palestine Cultural exchange

Nicaragua support groups and twin towns

  • Sheffield – Esteli Society - account closed June 2016
  • Santa Rosa Fund,  Leicester Masaya Link Group, Friends of Morazan, Bristol Norwich/Norfolk - El Viejo Link - not closed but under investigation (details)