2022 Save Our Bank Gathering

And AGM of the Customer Union

Gathering 26 November 2022

We will be holding our November gathering as usual this year, and like last year it will be on-line only.

All supporters and customer union members are welcome.

We'll look at the Co-operative Bank's Ethical Policy review and there will be an opportunity for members and supporters to ask questions of the bank. And we'll be presenting our exciting new project to explore an ownership vehicle for building a stake in the Bank.

The gathering will be preceded by the AGM of the Customer Union.

How to join the videocall

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The main gathering videocall starts at:

2.00pm Saturday 26 November 2022

The gathering will be preceded at 1.00pm by the AGM of the Customer Union for Ethical Banking open to all members of the union.

We will use Zoom. This means you can join from a computer, smartphone or tablet - or you can dial in from an ordinary telephone.

Full details on how to join are here. Or just click the button above.

At the Gathering we will be joined by a representative of the Co-operative Bank


1.00pm (CUEB members only) Annual General Meeting of members of the Customer Union (You can join the Customer Union here)
1.30pm Informal discussion
2.00pm Annual Gathering for Customer Union members and supporters of the Save Our Bank campaign
2.10pm The Co-operative Bank's update on progress - representatives of the Coop Bank will be able to take questions
2.40pm Reflections on the Co-operative Bank's new ethical policy
3.00pm Break
3.10pm The next 10 years for the Customer Union and Save Our Bank campaign -  Presentation followed by Q&A
4.00pm Closing session
4.15pm Close