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Save Our Bank team


I have taken a lot of stick from friends and relatives by sticking with the Cooperative Bank.  I love my Smile accounts and they absolutely meet my banking needs.  I can live with not having interest on the current accounts; I can just about live with no dividend, although this does feel like a compromise for mutual membership.  Now we are asked to accept big bonuses for senior managers - a step too far in my view.  What do we do next (apart from moving to another bank, and if so, which?).  I feel really let down today, but maybe I have been naive to expect better.

While the news about executive pay concerns many Save Our Bank supporters, it is about the Co-operative Group and not the Co-operative Bank - see our post here

Similarly, before he resigned today (11 March) Euan Sutherland was not Chief Executive of the bank. Niall Booker the bank CEO is still in place and expected to stay there.